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Honor Mobile Data Recovery


Data loss can happen at any time and can happen in the most unexpected ways, If you accidentally deleted important files, photos or if your Laptop, PC or USB Pen Drive fails and data is unreadable. We can help to save your lost files, important documents, pictures and music files.

We provide FAST and cost efficient business and home user Honor Mobile Data Recovery service in our Spot Service Repair Store Chennai at Tambaram. Our data recovery specialist can recover your lost or deleted files from faulty or damaged Mobile Phones, and external hard disk drives.


There will be no charge if we cannot recover your data. We do NOT charge for inspecting the faulty hard disk to determine the cost or possibility of data recovery.

Laptop Data Recovery

If your hard disk drive in your Laptop has failed, and you can no longer access your important data, we can help. Our advance Laptop hard drive data recovery service can recover data from all causes of data loss including:

  • USB Pen Drive not Recognized
  • Snapped or Damaged Pen Drives
  • USB Pen Drive not Detected
  • Lost Data, Deleted Files, Missing Files
  • Formatted USB Drives
  • Corrupt File Recovery
  • Not properly removing the USB flash drive from a computer

We support all major brands of pen drive including Kingston, SanDisk, Sony Integral, TDK, PNY and many more.

Computer Data Recovery Service

We Provide Fast and cost efficient data recovery, at a price that's right for you! Our "no-data, no-fee" policy and Prices starting from only.

External / Portable Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service

External / Portable hard disk drive failure can fall into two main categories - physical and logical, or a combination of both. Physical failure can often be attributed to a head crash where a moving component or circuit board has failed. Logical failure is harder to diagnose. Symptoms such as corrupted data can be caused by media degradation, bad sectors or malware. Regardless, if you are unable to recover the data yourself, you will most likely need a data recovery expert.